See The Music 2011-12
Information for Advertisers

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TMA members placing an ad in the directory will pay a one‐time fee (see Ad Rates and Specifications) for a permanent ad (or ads) on the web site. Additional fees will only be required for changes or updates. New ads, or changes to existing ads, may be made at any time during the year.

You must be a member in good standing of the Toronto Musicians' Association to place an
ad in the See The Music Directory.

To Pay For Your Ad

Text listings and small ads are free (maximum of two listings and two small ads per member). See the next section on how to place your ad.

In addition to the free ads and listings, members may order two paid ads. Both medium and large size ads are available. Members may book a maximum of two medium ads OR two large ads OR one large plus one medium ad in the directory. For rates, see Ad Rates and Specifications.

You may pay online on the Toronto Musicians' Association web site. Go to, and use the Pay Dues tab to access the pull down menu and pay with your credit card.

To pay by mail, remit a cheque payable to the Toronto Musicians' Association with a note indicating that the payment is for See The Music and specifying which ad size(s) you are paying for.

Mail your cheque to:

Toronto Musicians' Association
15 Gervais Drive, Suite 500
Toronto, ON M3C 1Y8

To Place Your Ad

For your free text listing, send an email to Anthony Rapoport at with your text and any links to be included (email contact, web site URL, etc.). Be sure to indicate which category or categories you wish your listing to appear in.

For your small, medium, or large size ads, send artwork to Anthony Rapoport either online through the drop box at or by mail on a CD. Please also send an email to, indicating the category (or categories) you'd like the ad to appear in, as well as any listing information not included in the artwork.

Mail your CD to:

Anthony Rapoport
344 Durie St.
Toronto, ON
M6S 3G3

Preferred formats are either png or jpg. Please indicate which category or categories you wish your ad(s) to appear in, and be sure to include your name and contact information.
For any questions about artwork, contact Anthony directly at

Ad Rates and Specifications

  • Text Listings:
    Maximum of two ads, 150 characters each, maximum of 300 characters
  • Small Ad (formerly Quarter Page Size):
    2 1/8 “ wide x 3 5/8 “ high at 72 dpi (153px x 261px)
    Free (limit of two)
  • Medium Ad (formerly Half Page Size):
    4 1/2 “ wide x 3 5/8 “ high at 72 dpi (324px x 261px)
    $39.00 + $5.07 HST for the first ad (total of $44.07)
    $58.00 + $7.54 HST for two ads (total of $65.54)
  • Large Ad (formerly Full Page Size):
    4 1/2 “ wide x 7 1/2 “ high at 72 dpi (324px x 540px)
    $69.00 + $8.97 HST for first ad (total of $77.97)
    $108.00 + $14.04 HST for two ads (total of $122.04)
  • Large and Medium Size Ad Combination:
    one each of a large and a medium size ad at above specifications
    $69.00 + $19.00 + $11.44 HST for two ads (total of $99.44)


Solo Performers / Chamber Music and Small Ensembles / Dance / Jazz and Latin / Rock
and Blues / Country / International and Specialty

Updates / Renewals

  • Effective August, 2011, See The Music is a permanent online directory. Your listing will stay in the directory for as long as you are an active member of the Toronto Musicians' Association.
  • You will be contacted on a yearly basis to ensure that information in your ad is current and up‐to‐date. If there are no changes to your ad, there will be no additional fees or charges.
  • Small changes to your existing ad may be made at any time by paying a fee of $25 and submitting the required changes to the webmaster through the drop box as outlined above or by email.
  • New ads or new artwork for existing ads may be submitted at any time by paying the fees as outlined above (see Ad Rates), and sending the appropriate artwork and files to Anthony Rapoport either through the drop box or by mailing a CD (See To Place Your Ad).

Ad Design

Anthony Rapoport is available to do ad design. Contact Anthony directly for fees and specifications at


For questions about payment, renewals, and rates:
Christine Little Ardagh
416 466 9700

For questions about artwork and the web site:
Anthony Rapoport

To submit artwork online:

To submit your artwork on a CD, mail to:
Anthony Rapoport
344 Durie St.
Toront, ON
M6S 3G3