See The Music 2011-12
Hiring Musicians

The members of the Toronto Musicians’ Association are professional, reliable and committed to the success of your event.

LIVE MUSIC has an impact and presence that helps to make any event into a successful one.

Whatever your BUDGET, professional bandleaders can work with you to customize a group/ensemble for your requirements. Bands may increase or decrease in size to suit the needs of your event.

A TMA agreement will be provided by the leader. This standard TMA/American Federation of Musicians contract will protect you and the musicians you hire.

The CONTRACT contains details such as the event theme, performance time, date, place, contacts, set-up time, any specific power supply required, etc. The TMA staff is available to answer any of your questions regarding contract procedure.

Booking in advance will ensure AVAILABILITY OF THE PERFORMER(S).


  1. Look through this directory. Decide which style of music best suits your event. Select several groups or performers from that category. Visit their websites. Email or phone them to request more information, photos, audio samples. Ask where the musicians can be seen performing live.
  2. Contact the leader who will then discuss the booking procedure.
  3. Relax and enjoy your event!

Be sure that you have chosen the music carefully. All members are independent